Why Use Moth Balls?

So you’re looking for moth balls? Well then I’m going to make the safe bet that you have a moth problem.

And it might be a bigger problem than you think.

First allow me to introduce you to your uninvited house guest: the common clothes moth or ‘Tineola Bisselliella’ and a species of the fungus moth. Sounds cute, huh?

mothWell this little moth (let’s call him Bob) is not so much of a problem. Bob might put a few holes into your favorite jumper but that’s the least of your worries. The real problem are the females.

The ones you see flying around are generally males. Females tend to stick to the darkness and travel by running and jumping around. But it’s not how they travel that cause the problem.

Each female can lay up to 150 eggs over 2 – 3 weeks. That is each female. These eggs will be scattered over your clothing (yes, the ones you wear) and turn into transparent larva.


To take it a little further there will also be eggs on your bed clothes and pretty much everywhere. I’d show you a picture of a larva itself but it’s not something you want to see. One moth flying through a window can cause a crazy infestation which can be a nightmare to deal with.

I could go on, but I think I’ve already grossed myself out too much.

Now aside from the ‘walking around with larva growing on you’ issue there’s a few other problems moth balls can solve.

The financial cost for starters. Moths can wreck clothes, wallpaper, carpet and pretty much any fabric they can get to. And you surprised how easily they can get to everything. I don’t know about you but I don’t relish the thought of having to keep replacing my clothes every few weeks.

And I don’t know about you but I don’t relish the idea of letting visitors near the rooms infested with moths.

Basically moths can cause a bunch of problems and moth balls are designed to stop the moths.

But to be honest there’s a lot of problems with moth balls. There’s no magic solution which will just get rid of the moths for you (which is why preventing them in the first place is better than removing them). You can pick up a few moth balls and throw them around but it won’t actually do anything.

You see the problem with moth balls is they’re designed to repel moths and do nothing to the larva which actually damages your clothes. Not to mention a lot of the time they won’t even repel anything. Then there’s the moth balls smell which is not only distinctive but lingers on everything.

Not to mention a lot of them can be poisonous to pets, children and even adults.

Did I mention that most people try a bunch of moth balls alternatives, traps, sprays and normal moth balls with no results? Not only wasting money on all of that rubbish but giving the moths longer to spread around the place. This is not a problem you want to ignore – the faster you act the more likely you’ll get them removed.

But luckily you’re reading this. And I got your back. I originally had to deal with moths so long I take a personal pride in helping people get rid of them.

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